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Today more than ever, professional societies and trade associations are struggling to balance rising costs and lower dues revenue with increasing member expectations. Members today expect professional development content that is digital, interactive and mobile-friendly.

With Xenon, you will meet (or exceed) the digital expectations of your members, lower print costs and avail yourself of new opportunities for non-dues revenue.

No big-budget technology department? No problem. At Innodata, we’ve got your back. With Xenon’s easy-to-use interface, your existing staff can be powering a state-of-the-art digital content distribution engine, creating and disseminating professional development content that your members will value. Moreover, Xenon will measure results so you can track your effectiveness.

Content Delivery Model for Associations

Associations create a lot of content for their members in the form of books, journals, newsletters, presentations, reports, training material, and handouts. Distributing this content digitally and securely on any device, anytime and anywhere is a persistent challenge for many associations.

Xenon for Associations

Innodata’s Xenon is a cloud-based, fully customizable platform that enables associations to distribute digital content across a variety of devices. Your members will quickly come to value the enhanced reading experience Xenon offers. Meanwhile, you will value the level of control you gain over your content, enabling you to provide the right content to the right member. With better relevance, engagement will improve. As engagement improves, you will value Xenon’s robust analytics engine that gives you insight and reporting on your subscribers’ content consumption.

There’s nothing quite like producing professional reports that show – quantitatively – that your engagement is trending positively.

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  • Provides an enhanced reading experience to the members and subscribers
  • Improves accessibility to content
  • Monetization through new digital distribution strategies helps associations get most out of their content
  • Multimedia support ensures that the content is engaging and interactive
  • Seamless knowledge sharing
  • Ability to provide profile-based content sharing
  • Real-time content usage trends enables associations to refine their programs to drive engagement

Xenon Delivers your digital content securely on any device. Anytime, anywhere.

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