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Innodata’s Xenon platform is specifically designed for organizations looking to deliver digital publications across multiple devices with easy-to-use collaboration tools. The platform has numerous features that enable organizations to deliver a full range of enriched content (e-newsletters, presentations, PDF reports and handouts) in an engaging, interactive and secure environment.

A. DRM Controlled: Enables the content owner to control – separately for each publication – the extent to which a user can download, copy, paste, and share.

B. Integrated e-Reader: Allows content consumers to access content seamlessly on the device of their choice, including mobile phones, tablets and PC.

C. Online and offline content access: Content consumers can access the content anytime, anywhere. No internet connection is required.

D. Entitlement & Subscriptions: Enables the content owner to manage and monitor publication access. Content is generally available on a global basis (available to all users) and on a restricted basis (available to select users). This feature also enables users to subscribe to the content they want.

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Xenon Delivers your digital content securely on any device. Anytime, anywhere.

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